Beware of the Detours: The Obama and Axelrod Magic Show!

 Are all of you noticing the number of ‘detours’ coming from the White House the last few days? The focus on Occupy Wall Street, talking to students and teachers, faux support of the hard-working truckers and the middle-class, the no-way-in-hell-he-can-get-it-passed American Jobs act, etc., etc. This is a carefully orchestrated attempt to distract us from the real problem: that unemployment is still abysmal and no one is finding work. When is he going to do anything to help this situation? No talk about relaxing the stranglehold he has on the oil industry. No discussion about cutting the corporate tax to encourage corporations to return home to manufacture their goods on American soil. No way he will stop this ridiculous gibberish about renewable energy and promote coal, shale, and nuclear energy development. He has no intention of creating more jobs by using the resources we have within our own borders. And do you know why not? Because it would return the United States to its prominent position as the world’s leading Super Power and THAT is not a part of his plan. He is standing in the way of our recovery and for that, he should be ashamed. He must be defeated in 2012 or our children are going to have a hell of a time living, working, and succeeding in this land of prosperity.