C’mon, Gov Rick! Let’s Work on that Delivery!

I am loving me some Rick Perry, but as an untrained professional debate watcher, I have a bit of advice: 

Do SOMETHING about those ‘in between’ moments when you think you are not in the camera shot!  You showed more smirks, sighs, snores, and eyebrow raises than Larry King with a belly full of gas.

Now we all know this was a CNN production and the producer and director(s) were doing their best to make you look like a goofy cowman from that backward state down south, but you did your part to make their job so easy! I suspect some of these ‘faces’ are your way of concentrating or filtering information – and the other candidates were out for blood last night. But Gov Rick: you’re in the shot and they are going to keep you there. Look interested, smile more, grimace when something uncomfortable is mentioned by one of the other candidates, and do more to stay in the conversation even when you’re not speaking. Everyone is gunning for you, Governor! Stay a step ahead but most importantly, stay AWAKE!


2 comments on “C’mon, Gov Rick! Let’s Work on that Delivery!

  1. I don’t think that was CNN’s fault. I think Gov. Perry doesn’t realize he needs to watch his expression all the time, not just when he’s answering. That’s part of debate prep, something I was heavily involved with in the 2008 cycle. The other candidates know that.

    • Agree. I don’t think CNN set out to make him look bad but they surely did not try to help him by cutting away. They noticed it immediately and had some good laughs about it in the control room, guaranteed! But you are more correct: he owns it and the other candidates know it!

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